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Target APC106904

Title: The crystal structure of TetR transcriptional regulator (lmo2814) from Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e
Authors: K.Tan,J.C.Mack,M.Endres,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
R: 19.8%
Rfree: 25.7%
Resolution: 2.3Å
Deposited: 2012-10-15
Released: 2012-10-31

Target APC105101

Title: New Delhi Metallo-beta-Lactamase-1 1.05 A structure Complexed with Hydrolyzed Ampicillin
Authors: Y.Kim,C.Tesar,R.Jedrzejczak,J.Babnigg,J.Mire,J.Sacchettini,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg),Structures Of Mtb Proteins Conferring Susceptibility To Known Mtb Inhibitors (Mtbi)
PDB 4HL2 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Complexed with: (2r,4s)-2-[(r)-{[(2r)-2-amino-2-phenylacetyl]amino}(car boxy)methyl]-5,5-dimethyl-1,3-thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid, zinc ion
Other ligands: 1,2-ethanediol
R: 13.4%
Rfree: 15.7%
Resolution: 1.05Å
Deposited: 2012-10-15
Released: 2012-12-12

Target APC106607

Title: Crystal structure of EAL domain from Caulobacter crescentus in complex with c-di-GMP and Ca
Authors: E.V.Filippova,G.Minasov,L.Shuvalova,O.Kiryukhina,C.Massa,T.Schirmer,A.Joachimiak,W.F.Anderson,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Complexed with: 9,9'-[(2r,3r,3as,5s,7ar,9r,10r,10as,12s,14ar)-3,5,10,12-tetrahydroxy-5,12-dioxidooctahydro-2h,7h-difuro[3,2-d: 3',2'-j][1,3,7,9,2,8]tetraoxadiphosphacyclododecine-2,9-diyl]bis(2-amino-1,9-dihydro-6h-purin-6-one), calcium ion
R: 17%
Rfree: 21.4%
Resolution: 1.75Å
Deposited: 2012-10-12
Released: 2012-10-31

Target APC102431

Title: The Structure of a Putative Type II Methyltransferase from Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,G.Chhor,S.Clancy,R.N.Brown,J.R.Cort,F.Heffron,E.S.Nakayasu,J.N.Adkins,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg),Program For The Characterization Of Secreted Effector Proteins (Pcsep)
PDB 4HG2 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: 1,2-ethanediol, 2-(n-morpholino)-ethanesulfonic acid
R: 15.35%
Rfree: 17.9%
Resolution: 1.6Å
Deposited: 2012-10-05
Released: 2012-10-17

Target APC108125

Title: Crystal structure of lpg1851 protein from Legionella pneumophila (putative T4SS effector)
Authors: K.Michalska,X.Xu,H.Cui,A.Savchenko,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Other ligands: citric acid, succinic acid
R: 18.5%
Rfree: 23.4%
Resolution: 1.9Å
Deposited: 2012-10-05
Released: 2012-11-07

Target APC100815

Title: Structure of a Beta-Lactamase Class A-like Protein from Veillonella parvula.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,H.Li,S.Clancy,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Other ligands: formic acid, glycerol, sodium ion
R: 13.8%
Rfree: 16%
Resolution: 1.9Å
Deposited: 2012-10-04
Released: 2012-10-17

Target APC107166

Title: Crystal structure of squalene synthase HpnC from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius
Authors: C.Chang,J.Bearden,H.Li,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4HD1 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: sulfate ion
R: 19.795%
Rfree: 24.7%
Resolution: 2.4Å
Deposited: 2012-10-01
Released: 2012-10-24

Target APC103132

Title: Crystal Structure of ThiJ/PfpI Domain Protein from Brachyspira murdochii
Authors: Y.Kim,L.Bigelow,R.Jedrzejczak,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Complexed with: magnesium ion
Other ligands: chloride ion, formic acid
R: 11.6%
Rfree: 12.7%
Resolution: 1.12Å
Deposited: 2012-09-30
Released: 2012-10-24

Target APC103606

Title: The Structure of Putative Phosphohistidine Phosphatase SixA from Nakamurella multipartitia.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,J.Holowicki,M.Endres,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Other ligands: acetic acid, glycerol, triethylene glycol
R: 14.1%
Rfree: 16.1%
Resolution: 1.55Å
Deposited: 2012-09-28
Released: 2012-10-17

Target APC107024

Title: Crystal structure of a member of Glyoxalase/bleomycin resistance protein/dioxygenase superfamily from Sphaerobacter thermophilus DSM 20745
Authors: B.Nocek,C.Hatzos-Skintges,R.Jedrzejczak,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4HC5 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: glycerol
R: 13.9%
Rfree: 18.3%
Resolution: 1.45Å
Deposited: 2012-09-28
Released: 2012-11-28

Target APC105739

Title: The Structure of Dihydropteroate Synthase from Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus Mu50.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,J.Holowicki,R.Jedrzejczak,T.C.Terwilliger,E.J.Rubin,K.Guinn,D.Baker,T.R.Ioerger,J.C.Sacchettini,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg),Structures Of Mtb Proteins Conferring Susceptibility To Known Mtb Inhibitors (Mtbi)
PDB 4HB7 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: 1,2-ethanediol
R: 16.2%
Rfree: 20.6%
Resolution: 1.95Å
Deposited: 2012-09-27
Released: 2012-10-17

Target APC106881

Title: Crystal Structure of Transcriptional Antiterminator from Listeria monocytogenes
Authors: Y.Kim,G.Chhor,M.Endres,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Other ligands: glycerol, sulfate ion
R: 17.7%
Rfree: 21.6%
Resolution: 1.91Å
Deposited: 2012-09-27
Released: 2012-10-17

Target APC103533

Title: The Structure of a GCN5-Related N-Acetyltransferase from Kribbella flavida.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,S.M.Mcknight,J.C.Mack,M.Endres,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H89 (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
R: 12%
Rfree: 15.9%
Resolution: 1.37Å
Deposited: 2012-09-21
Released: 2012-10-10

Target APC100584

Title: Crystal structure of Plim_4148 protein from Planctomyces limnophilus
Authors: K.Michalska,L.Bigelow,C.J.P.Bruno,C.Moser,J.Bearden,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H7L (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
R: 18.04%
Rfree: 22.6%
Resolution: 2.45Å
Deposited: 2012-09-20
Released: 2013-01-02

Target APC100005

Title: The Structure of Putative Aldehyde Dehydrogenase PutA from Anabaena variabilis.
Authors: M.E.Cuff,G.Chhor,S.Clancy,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H7N (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: glycerol
R: 15.79%
Rfree: 19.6%
Resolution: 2Å
Deposited: 2012-09-20
Released: 2012-10-10

Target APC103223

Title: Crystal structure of hypothetical protein with ketosteroid isomerase-like protein fold from Catenulispora acidiphila DSM 44928
Authors: E.V.Filippova,G.Minasov,L.Shuvalova,O.Kiryukhina,R.Jedrzejczak,A.Joachimiak,W.F.Anderson,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H3U (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
R: 12.9%
Rfree: 14.3%
Resolution: 1.15Å
Deposited: 2012-09-14
Released: 2012-10-03

Target APC103531

Title: Crystal structure of oxidoreductase domain protein from Kribbella flavida
Authors: K.Michalska,J.C.Mack,S.M.Mcknight,M.Endres,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H3V (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: formic acid
R: 14.4%
Rfree: 17.7%
Resolution: 1.68Å
Deposited: 2012-09-14
Released: 2012-09-26

Target APC104043

Title: Crystal structure of CRISPR-associated protein Cse1 from Acidimicrobium ferrooxidans
Authors: K.Michalska,L.Stols,S.Clancy,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H3T (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: glycerol
R: 18.2%
Rfree: 19.9%
Resolution: 2.03Å
Deposited: 2012-09-14
Released: 2012-09-26

Target APC106527

Title: Crystal structure of the catalytic domain of succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase from Haemophilus influenzae
Authors: B.Nocek,R.Jedrzejczak,M.Makowska-Grzyska,A.Starus,R.Holz,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H2K (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
R: 19.7%
Rfree: 24.9%
Resolution: 1.84Å
Deposited: 2012-09-12
Released: 2012-11-21

Target APC103406

Title: Crystal structure of phospholipase/Carboxylesterase from Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053
Authors: C.Chang,J.Holowicki,S.Clancy,A.Joachimiak,Midwest Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
PDB 4H0C (PDBSUM) (Profunc) (GPSS) (MMDB)
Other ligands: citric acid, glycerol, sodium ion
R: 13.9%
Rfree: 19.4%
Resolution: 1.62Å
Deposited: 2012-09-07
Released: 2012-09-26
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