1. Target: APC36224:
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    Time-controlled microfluidic seeding in nL-volume droplets to separate nucleation and growth stages of protein crystallization.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English,45:8156-60 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 83
  2. 2015
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    Magnesium-binding architectures in RNA crystal structures: validation, binding preferences, classification and motif detection.
    Nucleic Acids Research,43:3789-801 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 6
  4. 2010
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    Cleavable C-terminal His-tag vectors for structure determination.
    Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics,11:31-9 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 16
  6. 2014
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    Protein Production for Structural Genomics Using E. coli Expression.
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    Times cited: 6
  8. 2009
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    X-Ray Diffraction Experiment: The Last Experiment in the Structure Elucidation Process
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    Times cited: 6
  10. 2014
  11. Target: APC27148 :
    Nocek B, Starus A, Makowska-Grzyska M, Gutierrez B, Sanchez S, Jedrzejczak R, Mack JC, Olsen KW, Joachimiak A, Holz RC (2014)
    The dimerization domain in DapE enzymes is required for catalysis.
    PLoS ONE,9:e93593 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 3
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    Double trouble-Buffer selection and His-tag presence may be responsible for nonreproducibility of biomedical experiments.
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    Times cited: 12
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    Virtual high-throughput ligand screening.
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    Times cited: 2
  14. 2010
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    Times cited: 17
  16. 2011
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    High-throughput protein purification and quality assessment for crystallization.
    Methods,55:12-28 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 51
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