What is the EFI-DB?

The EFI-DB serves as the EFI’s public database of experimental data. The database stores details of all cloning, purification, and structure determination experiments, as well as the results of in vivo and in vitro analyses as they become publicly available. The information is presented in a dynamic, interactive format to allow one to quickly browse through all experimental data.

The EFI-DB database contains a subset of the information stored in its companion database, the LabDB LIMS (laboratory information management system). LabDB is used internally by the EFI staff to record vast amounts of data describing the experiments conducted in the center; in many cases LabDB interfaces directly with the equipment used by EFI.

Latest news

Targets: 10567
Targets with structures: 209

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What is the EFI-DB used for?

To locate EFI targets and track their experimental status. The experimental (“wet”) data for each target in EFI is also linked to a corresponding page in the Structure-Function Linkage Database (SFLD) with the bioinformatics (“dry”) data for that target. EFI-DB also provides data to other public databases, such as TargetDB, PepCDB, and the Protein Data Bank.

How can I use the EFI-DB?

  • Browse and search the list of EFI targets.
  • Display experimental track of any EFI target; for example, target 501662
  • Check if a protein of interest has a homologue among the EFI targets
  • View X-ray crystallography structures determined and annotated by EFI members.
  • Download and view interactive structure descriptions, using ICM viewer technology from Molsoft LLC
  • See overall progress and statistics of the EFI project.
  • Who maintains EFI-DB?

    EFI-DB and LabDB are developed and maintained on the behalf of the Enzyme Function Initiative by the group of Prof. Wladek Minor at the University of Virginia

    Contact: labdb@enzymefunction.org