MCSG users

You need to log in to the interface before downloading diffraction images. Upload diffraction images by using ftp to as user mcsg, password may be obtained from To upload images for a PDB deposit, say 3xyz from target APC100000 you should first tar and compress images into a single file, whose name should contain target id and PDB id: e.g. APC100000_3xyz.tar.gz. You may also upload uncompressed images, by creating a directory named APC100000_3xyz and placing your images there. Ftp client program must use "passive" option; if this is not the default you must start it by command "ftp -p". Use ftp with option i: "ftp -i" for nonintective mput.

Other Users

Diffraction images for structures deposited by MCSG are available for download on our ftp server. Please register to obtain access to the server.